Areas To Look For Bed Bugs in Your Home

Areas To Look For Bed Bugs in Your Home

Bed bug infestation would be the last thing you would ever imagine in your home. But, once in a lifetime, you will surely find them in your home. Bed bugs are small pests that are of the size of an apple seed. They are mostly active at night and love to feed on human blood.

If you wake up with red marks or itchy skin, there are high chances that you are having bed bug infestation. If you want to be sure, whether or not there are bed bugs in your home, here’s the guide for you. Here is the list of places where you should look for bed bugs and if you find any, it is advisable to contact a professional bed bug extermination service as soon as possible.

Beds And Mattresses

Bed and mattress are the most common areas where you can find the bed bugs. In most of the cases, they can be found on the sheets, headboard, or under the mattress or other corners of the bed. If you have carpets or furniture near the bed, look around those areas as well.

Chairs And Couches

Look for bed bugs in couches near your bed and also the chairs. It is not necessary that you will find the bed bugs only in or around your bed. They can be found anywhere in your home. So thoroughly check the chairs and all upholstered furniture in your home to ensure that no bed bugs are hiding there.


Bed bugs prefer dark and compact spaces so it is advisable to check the drawers of your home. They can be found in the corners of drawer and other wooden furniture. If you have clothes in your drawer, you may also find them in the clothes as well. Make sure you call a professional to get rid of these pesky pests as soon as possible.

Luggage And Used Furniture

Luggage and used furniture are the other crucial areas that you must check. Sometimes, unknowingly, you bring bed bugs home. They are often brought in through the luggage. If you are on a trip and stay in a hotel that has been infested with bed bugs, there are high chances that you will take them home. Even if it is one bed bug, in no time you will find their entire colony as they spread really fast. That’s why, it is advisable to keep your luggage outside and get it home only after checking it. It would be good if you wash and dry your clothes properly before getting them in.

If you think you have bed bug infestation, contact our professionals at Bed Bug Pros. We are a team of skilled professionals who know how to prevent these pesky pests completely. Contact us today for a consultation.

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