All You Need to Know About Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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Bed bug heat treatment is the most effective treatment that delivers effective results. As bed bug infestation continues to increase and infest homes and offices, there is no room for ineffective and temporary treatments. Which is why, most of the prominent pest control companies have adopted eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe practices to kill bed bugs i.e. bed bug heat treatment.

Heat treatment that is also known as thermal remediation helps you to not only get rid of the live bed bugs, but also their eggs. Yes, this effective treatment controls and stops the spread of bed bugs. These pesky pests cannot tolerate heat above 120 degrees. And the best part is that the heat can penetrate the hard to reach areas and kill them and their eggs, without causing any harm to your valuables.

How heat treatments work:

Heat –Portable heaters are placed to pump hot air into the potential infested areas. The temperature is set to 140 degrees and held for many hours to exterminate the bed bugs and their eggs.

Airflow –Portable fans are placed in the room strategically to ensure even flow of heat. This heat can even penetrate the cracks and crevices to kill the hidden bed bugs.

Monitoring –Sensors are placed to make sure that the infested areas are getting a sufficient amount of heat required to kill all bed bugs along with their eggs.

Benefits of heat treatments:

  • Heat treatment is non-chemical and environmentally friendly.

  • You don’t have to require two or three treatments. In most cases, one heat treatment is sufficient to prevent the bed bug infestation.

  • Treatments can be done only in and around the infested areas so that you can continue with your daily household routine or business operations.

Though heat treatment is one of the best treatments, additional chemical treatment can help deal with stubborn bed bugs in some cases. That’s why, it is advisable to call our experts at Bed Bug Pros for complete inspection of your home or business.

A thorough inspection will help our professionals determine the best course of action for preventing the bed bugs and their eggs once and for all. With us, you don’t have to worry at all. We employ a wide range of solutions to ensure your home and business is absolutely bed bug free. Call us today to get more information about our bed bug extermination solutions.

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